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The Graces of Texas

by Philip Monroe Grace


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Grace  Elizabeth
Ward  Henderson
27 Feb 1850
Cass  TX
Grace  Almany
Russell Peter
03 Feb 1869
Cooke TX
Grace  C. A.
Parkey M.A.
03 Sep 1879
Denton TX
Grace  E. E.
Shorter, I.M.
27 Oct 1891
Denton TX
Grace  H. J.
Evans, Laura
18 May 1890
Denton TX
Grace  M. D.
Erwin, S.N.
22 Dec 1881
Denton TX
Grace  Malissa
Young, James
17 Nov 1881
Denton TX
Grace  Marshall
Burgoon, Maggie E.
12 Feb 1889
Denton TX
Grace  W. M.
Saunders, Josie
03 Oct 1889
Denton TX
Grace  Mary A.
Connally, Charles
17 Feb 1892
Erath TX
Grace  S. M.
Cotton, Lucy
 23 Jan 1840
Harrison  TX
Grace  Joseph P.
Harlow,  Virginia N.
04 Jul 1849
Hopkins  TX
Grace  Matilda
Mooney, William
20 Jul 1850
Hopkins  TX
Grace  Joseph
Jackson, Mary F.
14 Apr 1853
Hopkins TX
Grace  Mary
Smith, John
17 Apr 1859
Hopkins TX
Grace  Sarah F.
Smith, John
02 Jul 1857
Hopkins TX
Grace  Zillah
Bullard, Calvin
12 Nov 1865
Hunt TX
Grace  Nicy
Braxton, Mack
19 Apr 1886
Jefferson TX
Grace  Charlotte
Ocarroll  Joseph
31 Mar 1844
Nacogdoches  TX
Grace  D. H. [Mrs]
Weaver W.T.
01 Dec 1887
Nacogdoches TX
Grace  Ellen
Jackson Pete
26 Oct 1889
Nacogdoches TX
Grace  J. T. (Joshua Thomas Grace)
Burkhalter, John Pendleton
20 Oct 1881
Nacogdoches TX
Grace  John M.
Cavin, Willie
29 Apr 1881
Nacogdoches TX
Grace  M. F.
Strahan, Theodocia
16 Dec 1886
Nacogdoches TX
Grace  Susan A.
Burrows, William M.
07 Jan 1875
Nacogdoches TX
Grace  M. J.
Thompson, Thomas S.
20 Apr 1878
Newton TX
Grace  Robert
Simons, Martha June
31 Dec 1896
Newton TX
Grace  Amanda
Butler, Thomas
14 Apr 1868
Panola TX
Grace  Mary L.
Pan, William T.
19 May 1870
Panola TX
Grace  John S.
Scarlett, Roanis
28 Aug 1887
Parker TX
Grace  Sam
Harmon, Tabby
02 Aug 1873
Red River TX
Grace  Albert
Fulfer, Lela
 24 Jan 1900
Runnels TX
Grace  T. L. (Thomas Litely)
Clark, Addie
Runnels TX
Grace  Lena
Henderson, John A.
25 Dec 1898
Runnels TX
Grace  Lottie
Gregg, Charlie
26 Aug 1890
Smith TX
Grace  Beulah
Cochran N.T.
01 Aug 1887
Somervell    TX

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