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The Graces of Texas

by Philip Monroe Grace


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Grace  John J.
Kelly, Sarah Ann
26 Apr 1863
Lafayette MS
Grace  R. J.
Ivy, Mary
10 Dec 1867
Lafayette MS
Grace  John P.
Henry, Mary E. [Mrs]
30 Mar 1862
Lafayette MS
Grace, W. G. Welch, M. A. D. 16 Aug 1859 Lauderdale MS
Grace  Charles
Connell, Lucy
27 Jan 1869
Lowndes MS
Grace  Catherine
Franch, William
13 Jul 1870
Noxubee MS
Grace  Patrick H.
Walker, Rebecca I.
18 Aug 1850
Noxubee MS
Grace  Sallie E.
Hankcock, Charles
20 Nov 1873
Noxubee MS
Grace  Mary P.
Baker, Charles A.
22 Oct 1865
Noxubee MS
Grace  Ruth E.
Jamison, George
23 May 1869
Noxubee MS
Grace  John
Cahill, Mollie
28 Apr 1879
Noxubee MS
Grace  J. L.
Walthall, Lula
31 Aug 1899
Noxubee MS
Grace  W. B.
Stroup, Annie M.
05 Jul 1882
Noxubee MS
Grace  Eliza
Hale  J. H.
04 Feb 1866
Pontotoc MS
Grace  Thomas J.
Crawford, Margaret C.
01 Dec 1859
Tippah MS
Grace  E. C.
Gandy, Lizzie
11 Nov 1886
Tippah MS
Grace  W. V.
Grace  Beatrice
12 Sep 1886
Tippah MS
Grace  Beatrice
Grace  W. V.
12 Sep 1886
Tippah MS
Grace  Clara
McCown J. F.
18 Mar 1896
Tippah MS
Grace  John L.
Johnson,  Julia M. [Mrs]
21 Mar 1894
Tippah MS
Grace  Sophronia
Rives  John
04 Nov 1855
Tippah MS
Grace  Ella
Tapp,  W. E.
05 Jan 1893
Tippah MS
Grace  Mollie
Murphy,  J. M.
08 Mar 1896
Tippah MS


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