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The Graces of Texas

by Philip Monroe Grace


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Grace Ancestor
County State

Grace, Major C.

Martha A. Stephens

Apr 02, 1860

FL  - Duval     

Grace, Charles J.

Martha V. Robinson  

Apr 21, 1897     

FL  - Marion     

Grace, Charlotte

Rev. J. C. Jamerson   

Jan 15, 1886     

FL  - Putnam     

Grace, Clarence I.

Malissa E. Nix     

Dec 21, 1890     

FL  - Marion     

Grace, Daniel H. B.

Laura Ann Cordray   

Oct 04, 1877     

FL  - Putnam     

Grace, J. C.

Charlotte Stephens    

Oct 26, 1876     

FL  - Putnam     

Grace, Lidia Ann

Joseph Roberts     

Feb 13, 1867     

FL  - Duval     

Grace, Margaret

Peter Stoneham     

Jun 15, 1846     

FL  - Escambia     

Grace, Mary Jane

Connor Stephens     

Dec 28, 1860     

FL  - Duval     

Grace, Thomas C.

Sabrey E. Baker     

Sep 02, 1859     

FL  - Duval     


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