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The Graces of Texas

by Philip Monroe Grace


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Grace  Sarah
Meezell  John
15 Aug 1809
Arkansas AR
Grace  Nancy
Proctor  Edward  
24 Jul 1816
Arkansas AR
Grace Rosie
Webber A.M.
12 Nov 1897
Clay AR
Grace T.M.
Williams Susan
27 Feb 1896  
Cleveland  AR
Grace F.G.
Baugh, Elizabeth
5 Mar 1882
Dallas AR
Grace Frances G.
Johns Sarah M.
17 Dec 1879
Dallas AR
Grace Minnie
Gaston J.A.
22 Sep 1895
Dallas AR
Grace  Jeptha
Holcomb  Elizabeth
03 Jul 1850
Drew AR
Grace Thomas
Melson Nannie E.
12 Feb 1891
Hempstead AR
Grace Thomas
Webster R.C.
16 Jan 1885
Hempstead AR  
Grace Emanuel D.
Morris Jane
13 Sep 1871
Independence AR
Grace Willis
Pearson Lillie
15 Feb 1899
Johnson AR
Grace Mary
Johnson Anderson L.
Johnson AR
Grace Almeda
Jacobs Andrew P.
30 Dec 1857
Johnson AR
Grace  William T.
Pew  Rebecca
20 Mar 1848
Lawrence AR
Grace T.W.
Stumbough Sarah
17 May 1891
Logan AR
Grace Minnie
Dilbeck Mathew
21 Aug 1887
Montgomery  AR
Grace John
Grace Mary
24 Sep 1869
Phillips AR
Grace L.E.
Fleming T.N.
03 Sep 1882
Pope AR
Grace Della
Belling Kuns
14 Sep 1886
Pope AR
Grace Delia
Rowan C.D.
04 Jun 1889
Pope AR
Grace F.D.
Hodge N.E.
4 Feb 1880
Prairie  AR
Grace Peter
Coppe Julie [Mrs]
22 Sep 1899
Sebastian AR
Grace Martha
Turner Prince
26 Oct 1889
St. Francis AR
Grace M.H.
Reese Josephine
 02 Jan 1873  
Union  AR
Grace James B.
Newton Sallie A.
16 Nov 1881  
Union  AR
Grace Eliza J.
Burnside James N.
11 Feb 1866
Union AR
Grace Sakkie
Askew William D.
13 Jan 1881
Union AR
Grace Josaphine
Adams George
23 Apr 1877
Union AR
Grace Permelia
Williams G.L.
16 Apr 1875
Washington AR
Grace George A.
Ferguson Hattie
16 Mar 1876
Washington AR
Grace Josephine
Gallant James
18 Nov 1873
Washington AR
Grace James E.
Cunningham Margaret E.
21 Oct 1877
Washington AR
Grace M.E.
Joyce A.J.
31 Oct 1872
Washington AR
Grace  Saunders
Ford  Hannah
14 Sep 1838
White AR
Grace John A.
Thomas Mary E.
10 Oct 1867
Yell AR
Grace William C.
Cotton Susan
11 Jan 1871
Yell AR
Grace Ben
Guest James
13 Jul 1898
Yell AR
Grace Oran
Adney Charles R.
2 Jun 1897
Yell AR
Grace Luvena
Hudson Albert G.
30 Sep 1880
Yell AR
Grace Mollie
Simmons W.E.
9 Jan 1898
Yell AR
Grace Morgan
Cravens Babe
20 Jun 1880
Yell AR
Grace Jessie
Roberts J.E.
27 Dec 1893
Yell AR
Grace William
Shelby Mary
4 Jul 1872
Yell AR

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